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The player rest the instrument in his left armpit, and pulls the string with the same hand. Then the string is plucked with a conical piece of Bamboo or wood. The string vibrates along with the membrane and the unusual sound of Ananda Lohori is heard. The tension in the string is varied , and  at times the string is pressed with the fingers of the left hand to produces different notes of the instrument.



                 A small wood log of size about 8 to 10 inch in diameter, is bored to form the body of the Instrument. The diameter at both ends has to be equal. In the Goalpara region, only  ‘Neem’ (Azadirachta indica) Timber is used for making Ananda Lohori, however, there is no such restrictions are seen  in other places of Assam. The Body is shaped like a Dhol. One side of the Khola ( Body) is wrapped with a piece Goat Skin membrane. The other end is kept open, and a ‘Katoni Saal’ ( A piece of lather , circular mid portion removed ) is attached on that end. The Katoni  Saal and the membrame at the other end are tied together with lather strings called ‘ Borotis’ . To Facilitate affixing the Boroti two woven lather frames are provided at both ends, which are called ‘Moluwas’ . The ‘ Moluwas along with the Membrane and Katoni saal are tied together with Borotis. Then a small piercing is made on the membrane and a Muga string is attached to it. A small  piece of wood or bamboo is tied on the other end of the string , so that the string can be pulled easily for playing.

                          Ananda Lohori  is normally accompanied with spiritual songs like Lokageet, Deh Bisar Geet, Diha –Naam, Tokari Geet etc. At Dakshinpat Xatra in Majuli, This instrument id played during Holi-Geet, and ‘ Xangkirtan’ , as quoted in the book ‘ Badya Abhgyan’. Ananda Lohori has a un-usual sound, hence, some folk artist are seen using it to create a comic effect.



                        Ananda Lohori is an instrument used with a different Folk songs of Assam. This instrument is known with different  names in different places. This is known as Ananda Lohori in the upper Assam region only. Some people call it Khamak. Other popular names of this instrument are Gopijantra, Ghotopak, Gob-Gobi etc. Despite of disparity in the name, the construction and method of playing is same in all cases. Apart From Assam Ananda Lohori is popular is Bengal too.

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 Playing Ananda Lohori