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Class Idiophone

                Generally two pairs of Kortaal are played together taking each pair in one hand. One half is place on the palm of the hand and the other half on the fingers of the same hand. Then one is hit with the other with special movement of the fingers and the palm. According to folk artist Sri Badan Maliya, the Kortaal can produce perfect sound only if the both the faces are  bent inward a little. The Kortaal players generally incorporate some dance movements while playing.

                  Kortaal may be made of Bamboo or wood,  bamboo preferred. A piece of thick bamboo of length and diameter of around 7 cm and 3 cm respectively, are split into two halves. The piece of bamboo is preferred to have a slight bend.  The halves are then shaped into a weaving shuttle. Sometimes,  an engraving or an handle is also formed for ease of holding while playing it.

 Kortaal is a percussion  instrument, and generally accompanied with religious and semi- religious music of Assam. Apart from that, use and importance of Kortaal among the Deuri and Missing communities is also worth mentioning.

 Kortaal is a simple and popular musical instrument played as a pair like other Taals. Both the halves are hold in one hand and played with a special movements of the fingers and the palm, and that is why it is called a Kortaal ( Kar means hand in Assamese)

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